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Vida Guerra

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Vida Guerra
Welcome to Vida Guerra Gallery, the most popular Vida Guerra fan site. This site will give you Vida Guerra pics, Vida Guerra wallpaper, Vida Guerra video and other information about Vida Guerra.

About Vida Guerra
Vida Guerra, the sensational American model, an occasional actress and singer was born on January 8, 1975 in Havana, Cuba. Soon after her birth, the family moved to United States to the town of Perth Amboy, New Jersey. There the girl grew into a beautiful damsel and began to find her place under the sun. Take one look at her and then look away. Try to deny yourself another glance and it seems impossible. Vida took up some small modeling contracts for swimwear and also appeared in some music videos. Besides these she also got the job of a loan officer.

Vida’s actual modeling career commenced when she was casted in lingerie spread for FHM in December 2002. The lady’s pictures blew the modeling world and the audience of their minds. The more they saw, the more they wanted. It is reported that FHM unit was flooded with mails for more photographs of Vida and so she was soon called for another photo shoot. Vida was also crowned “FHM’s Model of the Year” for the year 2004. Since then Vida did not look back. She featured on the cover page of many popular magazines and also occupied the central position in big magazines like DUB Magazine, Smooth, Escape and Open your Eyes etc. Vida also featured on television. She made quite a few appearances on several Spanish language television programs such as EI Gordo y La Flaca (The Fat Man and the Skinny Woman). Vida also entered the music world and made wonderful presence in music videos like “Shake your Tailfeather” (Bad Boys 2 soundtrack, P. Diddy, Nelly and Murphy Lee), “The New Workout Plan” (Kanye West) etc. Vida did also show up in the Burger King’s Tendercrip Bacon Cheddar Ranch commercial, some sketches on Chappelle’s Show, the “Piss on You” video and the film called National Lampoon’s Dorm Daze 2. Apart from physical appearances, Vida is also providing her voice to the video game Scarface: The World is Yours.

In the year 2005 the lady confronted many problems because of her immense popularity. Her camera phone was stolen and allegedly hacked. Her pictures were misused and Vida was somehow presented completely nude on numerous sites on the internet. But according to some other sources, the pictures originally belonged to Vida and were used to gain huge publicity.

Lately Vida was voted 26th in FHM’s Top 100 sexiest females. She also received the magazine’s “Best Butts’ award twice. To acquire more stardom, Vida got a calendar made of her own hot pictures. She even appears on Primped, produced by GoTV Networks.

The last year (2006) witnessed another nude picture posed by the by the daring lady despite of the disputes regarding the same. It seems that she would continue to make people feel her presence this way. During the interviews Vida often recalls her earlier days when she was teased because of her unusual butt size in contrast to her body. Who knew that one day this peculiar asset would be the cause of the lady’s global glory!

Did You Know?
Vida Guerra worked as a loan officer before hitting it big.

News About Vida Guerra
[05/22/2006] >> See Vida Guerra desnuda at Georgia International Convention Center as a host of DUB Magazine Car Show, Atlanta.
[06/10/2006] >> Vida Guerra Debuts on National Lampoon Soon: Vida Guerra will soon appear in the July Cover of Playboy Magazine which will be on newsstands on 07/10/2006.
[06/10/2006] >> Graphic pictures of the pin-up model Vida Guerra are circulating the web after her T-Mobile sidekick phone was allegedly hacked.

Latest Vida Guerra News

Vida Guerra's Rise to Stardom

When Vida Guerra rose from just being a model to hosting a show, many people kept on saying that she was going to fall. Vida is capable of doing anything she wants to; this is why many people love her. Those people who hated seeing her rise to show-host were simply being jealous of her ongoing success, and many people stereotyped her and said she was not going to last for long.

However, these haters were proved wrong, thanks to the Living the Low Life Show. This show kicked off its second season and Vida Guerra is the one hosting the show. It is Vida herself who is guiding us through the world of low-riders. She was asked recently in an interview how the show’s success (which can be linked to her talent) has affected her. When she replied, her sentiments were encouraging, because she says that at present, more and more people have been taking her seriously and she feels like the amount of respect she receives in the professional world has increased significantly.

Vida Guerra may not get as much attention as her Hollywood counterparts, but lately she has been keeping a low profile and this has affected her general life and career positively. Recently when Yahoo Telemundo released their list of the top ten searches and top ten image searches, she was number one on the list of the top ten image searches. Although she did not feature in the list of the top ten overall searches, featuring on the list of top ten image searches was a great experience. Tanks to her curvy look, majority of people were searching for pictures of Vida than any other top female celebrities, including Maria Sharapova, Shakira and Vanessa Hudgens. At the beginning of September, she appeared on MTV Tr3s.

Vida is the Star of Livin the Low Life - posted 23rd January 2009

Although we all love Vida and know that she can succeed at anything she wants to do, when Vida made the jump from just being a model to actually hosting a show, there were a lot of people who kept saying that she was going to fail. Whether they were just being hateful or were simply jealous of her ongoing success, people stereotyped her and said she wouldn't last on the show.

However, I'm happy to report that these haters could not have been more wrong. The reason that I say this is because Living the Low Life just kicked off its second season, and guess who is hosting the show? That's right; Vida is still guiding us all through the world of low-riders!

In addition to remaining on the show, in a recent interview, Vida was asked about how the show's success (which can be greatly attributed to her talent) has impacted her. I was really happy to hear Vida's response, because she said that people have been taking her more seriously, and she feels like the amount of respect she receives in the professional world has increased significantly.

Vida Guerra Chitchat - posted 25th September 2008

She may not get as much attention as Hollywood's elite group of actors and actresses, but Vida has been keeping a very busy schedule lately, and it has resulted in a lot of positive press for her and her career.

To kick things off, at the beginning of the month, Yahoo Telemundo released their list of the top ten overall searches and the top ten image searches. Although she wasn't on the list of top ten overall searches (it was made of up search terms like Beijing 2008 and Summer Swimsuits), she did land at Number One on the list of the top ten image searches. Thanks to her curvy assets, more people were searching for pictures of Vida Guerra than a number of other top female celebrities, including Shakira, Maria Sharapova and Vanessa Hudgens.

Following up her Number One ranking on Yahoo's top image searches for August, she appeared on MTV Tr3s at the beginning of the third week of September. As a part of its Hispanic Heritage Month programming, MTV Tr3s has been showing a wide of special shows. One of these was called "Top Tr3ce Wanna Be Latinos," which looked at trends that have been inspired by Latinos and featured commentary directly from Vida.

To round things out, Vida recently made appearances at two high profile events. The first was the Get-a-Cue Challenge, which was a pool tournament hosted by three charitable organizations. Vida was one of many celebrities who played in the tournament, and you can be sure plenty of men were sneaking a peek every time she leaned over the table to shoot! Vida was also present at the event where Jamie Foxx launched his new website,

Vida Guerra to Host Television Show (update) - posted 27th July 2008

Although Vida Guerra is best known for modeling her amazing body, that is not the only thing she is capable of doing. In addition to her jaw-dropping looks, Vida also has a wonderful and vibrant personality. When she talks, people want to listen to what she has to say.

Vida will have a chance to show off not only her personality, but also her abilities as a television host. She is set to host the second season of Livin' the Low Life, which is a series on the Speed channel.

Livin' the Low Life is all about the lowrider culture. As the host, Vida will take viewers on a journey through the world of lowriders. Whether it's hyrdraulics or mind-boggling builds, Vida will highlight the best there is in the world of lowriders. From the young to the old, Livin' the Low Life will give you a complete insider's view of what the culture of lowriders is all about.

If you are a fan of Vida Guerra, be sure to check out the show and watch her perform her hosting duties. The second season of Livin' the Low Life will debut in the first quarter of 2009, and will run for thirteen total new episodes.

Guerra in her statement to TMZ said on suspension said, “I think it was inappropriate for the officer to make that statement that he would remove the ticket if I gave them naked photos. It was very sleazy.”

Vida Guerra hosting TV show on the Speed network

Model Vida Guerra is now about to host SPEED network's new TV series, "Livin' the Low Life" based on lowriders cars that are scheduled to be premiered on 21st February 2007.

She is hosting the “Livin’ the Low Life.” series weaved around culture and customs of
Low cars which can be ride low to the ground and can be raised up and down

Guerra will be hosting "Livin' the Low Life," a weekly program that will look at a culture built around custom cars that can ride low to the ground or be raised up and down at will thanks to a modified suspension system.

According to Guerra, making the transition from model and hip-hop vixen to TV host wasn't that difficult.

"With 'Low Life,' I'm just being myself ... hanging out and having fun," said Guerra in a statement Monday. "If there was something new for me it was that I had to learn about the cars by asking a lot of questions. So, I'm actually speaking for the audience. From my questions I hope that people will learn to appreciate not only the cars but also the people who build them."

Lowrider culture developed in Mexican-American communities throughout California, Texas and the southwest in the late 1930s and developed into a full-fledged lifestyle by the 1970s that included music and fashion.

Vida Guerra’s Culprit suspended for obscene demand

As latest on Vida Guerra parking ticket uproar according to, the Los Angles cop, Salgado, who asked Vida guerra for concession on parking ticket in exchange of her nude pictures has been suspended.

Parking Enforcement Manager Eric Ruiz told Salgado has been suspended from duty and there is rumor that he could be fired from the Duty. Last weekend TMZ camera shot the incident live when the errant cop was asking Vida’s male friend, “You got a got naked picture of her, we make the price stay right.”

Guerra in her statement to TMZ said on suspension said, “I think it was inappropriate for the officer to make that statement that he would remove the ticket if I gave them naked photos. It was very sleazy.”

Mayor Sympathetic to Vida Guerra

The West Hollywood Mayor Pro Tem took serious note of the naked picture incident occurred on Friday August 17, 2007, and ordered an investigation into the incident in which FHM model, Vida Guerra was asked by the parking enforcement officer Salgado to give him her naked pictures to reduce the amount on parking ticket charged on her.

On Friday night when Vida was returning with her friends after the dinner, the incident occurred.

The Mayor Tem Jeffrey Prang told the people from that the City "is taking these allegations seriously." He further said, "We will have more information once we conclude the investigation. We have the highest expectation of our City workers and contractors and we hold our employees to high standards."

Vida’s album will take time

Perhaps her aficionados round the world who have yet admired her voluptuous assets, are prepared to hail her musical voice too. Yes, the big butts Cuban beauty Vida Guerra is releasing her debut music album. Earlier it was though that the album will be ready and released by the second month of this year (2007) but now there are some delays. Unfortunately the release of her album is pushed back due to the reconstruction of her record label.

Vida told media that she is still recording new music tracks with different producers and will now have a larger variety of songs to select from. However Vida is quite enthusiastic and eager for the release of her debut album but there is no re-release date decided so far.

Meet Vida Guerra In person again :)

Guys and gals here is your another chance to see and meet Playboy Model Vida Guerra in person at DUB Car Show on May 13, 2007 at the Dallas Convention Center.

Here is the venue:

Date : May 13th 2007 • Time : 12PM - 6 PM • Venue: Dallas Convention Center

Do you want to feel her ‘heat’??

Do you wish to feel the heat of one of the hottest babe with big B’s (Butts and Boobs) in the glam world? If yes, then pack your bags for a day and bid good bye to all your work, for, the Brazilian beauty Vida Guerra will now be seen at the upcoming DUB Car Show on April 29, 2007 @ Phoenix Convention Center. For all Vida’s aficionados, it is a life time opportunity to meet the sexy Vida in person. You can take a look at the voluptuous model and enjoy some chit-chat with her.

On the star-studded event you can also spend some memorable time with other celebrities around. But also make sure that you do not deprive yourself with the wonderful rides there and of the great All Star Hip Hop Concert.

So all you young and the old, get ready to relish a day with stars, cars and rides….some timeless hours which you will remember throughout your life.

The DUB Car Show

Date: April 29, 2007

Venue: Phoenix Convention Center.

The big Butts for a Kiss Party

The big butts Vida will now be seen as a hostess in the Kiss and Tell Party at the Playboy Mansion. With her seductive looks and unique attitude, she takes over the charge of this great event which includes guests such as Lil Jon, Joey Porter of the Steelers and other Playboy plamates, etc. So guys and galz get ready to see your favorite Vida as a warm and sexy hostess for the Playboy magazine on the great day of April 21, 2007 at the Playboy Mansion, Los Angeles, CA.

Date: April 21, 2007

Venue: Playboy Mansion, Los Angeles, CA.

Vida Guerra clarifies over naked internet shots

The beauty acclaimed globally for her big butts, Vida Guerra has recently given clarification over the naked internet pictures which are supposed to be hers. The girl who has already posed nude for the Playboy magazine claims that the internet images are all bogus. According to her she had declined several offers that she got from various magazines to pose nude. It was only for the renowned celebrity magazine Playboy that she decided to shed off her clothes last year. She explains, "They (Playboy) had asked me three times (and) I got a little upset about the situation. They were making such a big deal about it that I said, `I might as well take Playboy up on their offer and do it in a nice, classy, tasteful way, since everyone is so curious to see how I look in my birthday suit." And Guerra urges fans not to get duped by fake nude shots in the future, insisting they should look for her beauty marks. She tells King magazine, "I have a beauty mark that tells. You can compare the real thing with the (bogus) picture and it's like, `Nah!' You can't see it in the Playboy spread because there is no open-crotch (shot). "One is below my navel and the other is in my inner thigh."

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